Work work work.

The deli’s is pretty fun, only cause I get to try tons of new food, and make it! I’m gonna be a chef. Muah. I’ve been working for like 6 days straight now. This is my first day off and I’m so glad. Yesterday my foot was so sore, I couldn’t even walk on it. My back and neck have been hurting alot more too. It sucks. I wish I could just fast forward until like a month into working so my body is already use to it. I can’t wait to get paid though, it’ll make my pain feel.. . not that bad. The cool thing is I get paid every week too. 🙂 On Thursdays. The people I work with are pretty awesome too. I work with two of the people I went to school with. The others are older but they are so cool. They’re fun. The manager I haven’t really clicked with yet. Heh of course it has to be the most important one. Pfft, but oh well we can all rebel against her. Muahaha. No, jk. I hope she likes me as much as the other people do. I’ve only worked with her a few days. All the workers say I’ve been doing uber good, and I’m like the fastest trainee, normally it takes others a few times to get it, but I caught on right away, and I’ve been practically independant since like day 2. I’m proud of myself. BUT damn I want some employee discounts or something. B!tch#s.

 Ooo, and today my mom and I are going to get a pink carpet! SWEET. 🙂 My mom got it for me off the spokane craigslist. That place is pretty awesome. Now I just have to clean my room. Oh god is it messy. Lots and lots of laundry to do too. >.<

Day 1 – Tuesday.

yoke.gifI start working on tuesday! Yes. I already have my uniform and everything. Sucks that it’s 3x bigger than me, but oh well. Stupids.

I hope to get up some more content for this place, but I just don’t know what to do anymore. Everything I can think about seems boring, and well just like any other website I’ve done. I want to do something different. But what? I don’t think I’ll ever know. Any suggestions? Damnit then post something already. 😛


My first post. Woot. How cool is it that my address is my name. 🙂  Well, yesterday I had a UA for a deli job (hey it’s a start!) and today I found out I passed and got the job. I’m happy. Tomorrow I go to fill out some more papers and schedule for next week. I hope I get hours that go with Jason’s schedule. Another thing that is cool is Jason and I work right accross from eachother! Too bad it’s part-time no lunch breaks… it’d be fun eating lunch together in the middle of work. 😛 I did try to get modeling jobs, man they make so much. BUT, I’m too short they need like 5’7″+. Well f- them I can model in my own pictures. lol.